Wednesday, October 27, 2010

James Bond

I really love James Bond.... can you tell this is a spur of the moment post? Because it is. About my love for James Bond. Because USA decided to be awesome and play Casino Royale tonight. What a win. I approve.

Literally, James Bond is the most badass person ever. From being the most awesome free runner to sexing as many hot women as possible, he really can do no wrong. Yes, I am a girl, but unlike most guys, we can actually admit when another female is hot. Get over it.

I am about to take this post in a completely new direction because I'm ADD and there is a commercial on right now for Megamind which I really want to see!!!!! It looks hilarious.... like I'll probably pee my pants in the theater watching it.

Anyway, back to James Bond... and specifically Casino Royale. This movie has some of the most epic chase and fight scenes out of all the James Bond movies. I am a total guy when it comes to this stuff.... I'll admit it. But I can balance it out by being a complete girl and saying that besides the chase and fight scenes, this movie also has some epic fashion in it. So many classy women in awesome dresses and men in sexy tuxes. Win. There is really nothing bad about this movie.

Although, I do have to say that Daniel Craig is not my favorite actor for the role of James. Not that he's bad, he is absolutely incredible, but I have a sentimental attachment to Sean Connery. He was the original and was made for the role, and therefore will always be my favorite.

So I just realized that this post is not nearly as fun as my usual ones were, but more just a long-winded rant about James Bond, which is.... interesting. I'll try to be more entertaining next time. Toodles!

P.S. I'm not sure when I mentioned this last, but the whole layout thing will hopefully be fixed as soon as I have 2 seconds to put together an awesome banner.... we shall see when this happens. Hopefully soonish.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend of Epic Fail

This weekend. Wow. Where to even begin.

Well Friday I went out with some of my friends and we hopped around to different parties, and by the end of the evening let's say I was not in the best of states. Well, I ended up having given my number to a creepy guy who I now have labeled in my phone as Danger Creepy Don't Answer. Greeeaaat.

While I feel as though explaining this evening in more detail would be irresponsible of me, I will say this: it was such a bad night, that I literally thought my weekend could get no worse.


Just to add the cherry on top of this most delicious sundae, I forgot to move my car to the designated parking lot before the weekend ended. What happens here when you forget to do that? Oh yea, you get towed. That's not the best part... just bend over and grab your ankles because now you have to pay 110 DOLLARS to get your car back!!! Seriously?!?! Yes. I kid you not.

So, I resigned myself to this fate this morning and, with much pain, transferred 110.00 into my checking account so I could go pay the campus police to get my car out of jail. I got to the building and I find out that they don't take credit or debit cards, only checks or they offer you the option to put it on your tuition bill. I don't have checks, and this is only because they got stolen when my car was broken into over the summer and I haven't remembered/had the money to order new ones yet. Great. More bad luck coming back to haunt me. So instead, I had to have them add it to my tuition and call my parents and explain why they were going to have a 110.00 charge on my tuition at the end of the month. Lovely.

So after going through all this pain, I find out that I was wrong about yet another thing. I was under the impression that the cars got towed to the gigantic lot beside the campus police office, but I guess that's just asking too much because, instead, they take them to an auto repair shop owned by a guy named Chester. This shop is in walking distance if you feel like spending 30 minutes of your day trekking down a creepy road to get to Chester and your waiting vehicle. Since I didn't fancy spending that much time walking, I called one of my friends to see if she could drive me down there at some point during the day. She assured me she could, and we figured out a time to go. I looked up the hours of the shop in the yellow pages to make sure we would get there before it closed at 5:30. My friend and I pulled into Chester's at 5:10 and what do we see? Nothing. There is no one there. They closed early and my poor car is sitting in the back corner of the lot looking very sad and lonely.

So now I have to go back tomorrow and meet this Chester character and get my ride back so that I can go to Starbucks and get a much needed chai to calm myself down from this weekend from hell that just won't seem to let go. Someone should let it know it's practically Tuesday. Give it up, bud.

Oh, and total side note: I am trying to design a header for the blog when I have some time, so it might look boring for a little while... if this is totally offensive to anyone, let me know and I'll come up with a temporary fix!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Total Life Fail

Okay, so can I just say that my life has been the most epic failure lately? Truly it has.

Okay, so quick update on my life: school is crazy busy and to add to that wonderful fact, my roommate and I finally hooked up our TV.


So most normal people will sit at the television during their free time or to watch their favorite shows because that's entertaining. I understand this, I really do... it just doesn't seem to work the same way for me. I watch all of my favorite shows on Hulu instead of on TV for some reason which means that my TV serves essentially no function other than to play movies.... or so you would think. The actual function my TV serves is to provide me a near constant connection to TLC, MTV, E! and Food Network. There are absolutely no worthwhile shows on any of these networks, but they are great time fillers. Last night, TLC played the same two episodes of LA Ink twice in a row. I watched both of them both times... and just to clarify, I don't mean I kind of listened to them in the background as I did other things, I literally payed close attention the entire time. It was kind of a sad moment. I did this instead of working on a project that is worth 20% of my grade in one of my classes. Sad day.

The good news? I have a break next weekend and will therefore (hopefully) be able to decompress a little bit and actually gather some interesting experiences to write about for you guys. I have to apologize for being a total douche and not writing in like... forever... but I promise that will change!!!!

Here are some topics that I have been collecting for posts (this also will serve as a reminders list so I don't forget what I was going to write about):
-ESL email I got from someone
-My physics professor (get excited for this one... soooo weird)
-19 and counting (I bet you already know what I'm going to say here)
-Harry Potter (no.... seriously)