Wednesday, October 27, 2010

James Bond

I really love James Bond.... can you tell this is a spur of the moment post? Because it is. About my love for James Bond. Because USA decided to be awesome and play Casino Royale tonight. What a win. I approve.

Literally, James Bond is the most badass person ever. From being the most awesome free runner to sexing as many hot women as possible, he really can do no wrong. Yes, I am a girl, but unlike most guys, we can actually admit when another female is hot. Get over it.

I am about to take this post in a completely new direction because I'm ADD and there is a commercial on right now for Megamind which I really want to see!!!!! It looks hilarious.... like I'll probably pee my pants in the theater watching it.

Anyway, back to James Bond... and specifically Casino Royale. This movie has some of the most epic chase and fight scenes out of all the James Bond movies. I am a total guy when it comes to this stuff.... I'll admit it. But I can balance it out by being a complete girl and saying that besides the chase and fight scenes, this movie also has some epic fashion in it. So many classy women in awesome dresses and men in sexy tuxes. Win. There is really nothing bad about this movie.

Although, I do have to say that Daniel Craig is not my favorite actor for the role of James. Not that he's bad, he is absolutely incredible, but I have a sentimental attachment to Sean Connery. He was the original and was made for the role, and therefore will always be my favorite.

So I just realized that this post is not nearly as fun as my usual ones were, but more just a long-winded rant about James Bond, which is.... interesting. I'll try to be more entertaining next time. Toodles!

P.S. I'm not sure when I mentioned this last, but the whole layout thing will hopefully be fixed as soon as I have 2 seconds to put together an awesome banner.... we shall see when this happens. Hopefully soonish.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend of Epic Fail

This weekend. Wow. Where to even begin.

Well Friday I went out with some of my friends and we hopped around to different parties, and by the end of the evening let's say I was not in the best of states. Well, I ended up having given my number to a creepy guy who I now have labeled in my phone as Danger Creepy Don't Answer. Greeeaaat.

While I feel as though explaining this evening in more detail would be irresponsible of me, I will say this: it was such a bad night, that I literally thought my weekend could get no worse.


Just to add the cherry on top of this most delicious sundae, I forgot to move my car to the designated parking lot before the weekend ended. What happens here when you forget to do that? Oh yea, you get towed. That's not the best part... just bend over and grab your ankles because now you have to pay 110 DOLLARS to get your car back!!! Seriously?!?! Yes. I kid you not.

So, I resigned myself to this fate this morning and, with much pain, transferred 110.00 into my checking account so I could go pay the campus police to get my car out of jail. I got to the building and I find out that they don't take credit or debit cards, only checks or they offer you the option to put it on your tuition bill. I don't have checks, and this is only because they got stolen when my car was broken into over the summer and I haven't remembered/had the money to order new ones yet. Great. More bad luck coming back to haunt me. So instead, I had to have them add it to my tuition and call my parents and explain why they were going to have a 110.00 charge on my tuition at the end of the month. Lovely.

So after going through all this pain, I find out that I was wrong about yet another thing. I was under the impression that the cars got towed to the gigantic lot beside the campus police office, but I guess that's just asking too much because, instead, they take them to an auto repair shop owned by a guy named Chester. This shop is in walking distance if you feel like spending 30 minutes of your day trekking down a creepy road to get to Chester and your waiting vehicle. Since I didn't fancy spending that much time walking, I called one of my friends to see if she could drive me down there at some point during the day. She assured me she could, and we figured out a time to go. I looked up the hours of the shop in the yellow pages to make sure we would get there before it closed at 5:30. My friend and I pulled into Chester's at 5:10 and what do we see? Nothing. There is no one there. They closed early and my poor car is sitting in the back corner of the lot looking very sad and lonely.

So now I have to go back tomorrow and meet this Chester character and get my ride back so that I can go to Starbucks and get a much needed chai to calm myself down from this weekend from hell that just won't seem to let go. Someone should let it know it's practically Tuesday. Give it up, bud.

Oh, and total side note: I am trying to design a header for the blog when I have some time, so it might look boring for a little while... if this is totally offensive to anyone, let me know and I'll come up with a temporary fix!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Total Life Fail

Okay, so can I just say that my life has been the most epic failure lately? Truly it has.

Okay, so quick update on my life: school is crazy busy and to add to that wonderful fact, my roommate and I finally hooked up our TV.


So most normal people will sit at the television during their free time or to watch their favorite shows because that's entertaining. I understand this, I really do... it just doesn't seem to work the same way for me. I watch all of my favorite shows on Hulu instead of on TV for some reason which means that my TV serves essentially no function other than to play movies.... or so you would think. The actual function my TV serves is to provide me a near constant connection to TLC, MTV, E! and Food Network. There are absolutely no worthwhile shows on any of these networks, but they are great time fillers. Last night, TLC played the same two episodes of LA Ink twice in a row. I watched both of them both times... and just to clarify, I don't mean I kind of listened to them in the background as I did other things, I literally payed close attention the entire time. It was kind of a sad moment. I did this instead of working on a project that is worth 20% of my grade in one of my classes. Sad day.

The good news? I have a break next weekend and will therefore (hopefully) be able to decompress a little bit and actually gather some interesting experiences to write about for you guys. I have to apologize for being a total douche and not writing in like... forever... but I promise that will change!!!!

Here are some topics that I have been collecting for posts (this also will serve as a reminders list so I don't forget what I was going to write about):
-ESL email I got from someone
-My physics professor (get excited for this one... soooo weird)
-19 and counting (I bet you already know what I'm going to say here)
-Harry Potter (no.... seriously)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Self Discovery

Ha. I love how trippy that post title is. Awesome. Anyways... on to the actual point of this post!!!

Have you ever had a moment where you just realize something about yourself that you always kind of knew, but you never realized just how true it was until you actually had that moment??? Anyone? No?

Well I did.


Reading my Twitter.

I know that this sounds self absorbed so far, but stick with me here. I was reading my previous tweets when I saw a mysterious one that said:

While this may not concern most people... it is concerning to me because I LOVE THE SMELL OF LEMONS and it kind of bothers me that I don't remember this obviously major event that happened and changed my view of lemony fresh smells!!! It would have to have been something pretty major...

Apparently so major that my mind completely blocked it from my memory.

What else is my brain hiding? Seriously!!! I always knew I had a bad memory, hence why I write down everything I need to remember ever, but this is a whole new level. Forgetting about traumatic events is not a good sign... I've probably been robbed and kidnapped before. Not that I would know it now. My stupid brain hides important information like that from me!

Anyways... I have to wake up in six hours (stupid school) so I'm going to go to bed!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sucked into the Black Hole of Hulu

I know that I haven't posted in a few days, but I have a good reason... I promise!

Okay, so it might not be a good reason, but it's a reason nonetheless....

I got sucked into the big black hole known as Hulu. It is an evil website that is trying to steal my soul... and the sad part is it's fun!!! How can anything that is so successful at ruining my abilities to be productive be fun??? It's just craziness!

*Edit: I was just reading through the final version and I realized that I have fun doing almost anything that ruins my ability to be productive... I mean, except stuff like being chased by monsters and battling lions and stuff... although battling lions would be pretty cool I guess...

The show that I've most recently become addicted to is called "If I Can Dream." If any one of you has seen this show, then you will understand-- it's impossible not to be sucked in by it!

I'm not going to explain the premise of the show because that would take up entirely too much of this post, and I'm sure an explanation is easy to come by, so let's just skip over that and talk more about how sad I am because I give up my life to websites like this.

I go through phases like this pretty regularly. I'll become fixated on a show and watch it whenever I have free time. I am emotionally invested in these shows (which is probably unhealthy considering a lot of them are competition shows and it ruins my day when my favorite person gets voted off...) and I would rather watch them than be social. It's a problem.

I understand that I'm not a very social person anyways, but I feel like I'm sinking into the realm of WOW obsessed people. That scares me. I don't want to start wearing coke-bottle glasses and t-shirts with magical creatures on them!!!! Once I start wearing socks with my sandals I'll know I'm doomed....

Hulu is not the only thing I've become addicted to lately... there's this game called Isoball 2 that is the most addicting thing I've ever played. To be fair, I've never been one for video games, but this one is so good! Note: I am a complete nerd, so don't be surprised if you think it's the most lame thing that you've ever played. Just because I can be entertained by it for hours does not mean that I expect everyone else to feel the same way. Actually, that probably means that most people won't feel the same way... don't worry, I'll understand.

My addictions come out of nowhere and surprise even me. I guess in a way it keeps my life interesting? Okay, now it just sounds like I'm trying to make excuses for my life... which I guess is pretty accurate.

I'm just going to insert a note saying how awkward I find it to end a post. I never know what to say.... hmmm.... if anyone can tell me the origin of this quote you will be my new favorite person... but you have to email it to me, because we don't want everyone piggybacking off your answer and pretending like they actually knew it when they didn't... so email me at if you know the answer!!!

What is this quote from? "your favorite way to say red wine in a german accent? RED VINES!"

If you get it right, you are officially my new best friend.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Craig's List Poet

I was severely bored the other day, so I decided to entertain myself by clicking through the Craig’s List personals in my area. Interesting pastime, I know, but bear with me here because it lead to a really good story.

I clicked on one of the links and was met with a sight I had never seen on Craig’s List ever before: a poem. That’s right, folks. Someone is on Craig’s List soliciting people via poetry. I have decided to copy the poem here and add some commentary so you know what went through my head when I originally read this piece of art:

*Note: I do not own any part of this lovely piece of literary genius. All my comments are highlighted and italicized.*


At fifty years and almost three 
Really? Fifty three years old and you still haven’t found a better way to proposition other men than poetry? Maybe that’s why you’re using Craig’s List…
I have a lot to say 
My thoughts have written one good book 
I would like to read this book…
Twas written in one day
I am now doubtful as to how good this book could be

My life is most unusual 
Yep… you’re writing poetry on Craig’s List… just thought I would point that out…
I’m not a typical gay 
I have my kids, and grandkids, too 
Never a dull day 
I’m not really sure how to respond at this point…

I’m whole, complete and ready now 
To fulfill upon my goal 
My heart is free to give the love 
For which there is no toll 
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only love I can think of for which there is a “toll” would be the kind of “love” you find on a downtown street corner…

I’m looking for my Mr. Right 
His love to fill the hole 
There are so many things that are wrong with that last line…
I’m waiting for his eyes to be 
The mirrors to my soul 

It’s in that moment when we first meet 
That we know it’s yes or no 
We’ll look and guess, we’ll wonder some 
We could just ebb and flow 
And again… are these supposed to be double entendres? I mean, seeing as how you wrote a good book in one day, I expect you didn’t just miss the possible implications here…

A moment can be special yet 
It doesn’t add that much 
I’m looking for one special look 
Wait… if a special moment doesn’t add that much why are you looking for one? Is anyone else confused?
His passion, love and such 
And such??? Might want to clarify there… more entendres…

A lifetime isn’t all that long 
No guarantee of days 
I actually appreciate that line… kudos, Craig’s List Poet
Yet my wish is that I find the man 
Who’ll smile within my gaze. 

If this does make you want to ask 
“Am I the one for him?” 
Then answer this right now, today 
Step out upon that limb 
I like how he includes a poetic version of the “answer this if you dare” line that most Craig’s List users go for… another point for CLP

We’ll never know unless you do 
A mystery it will be 
Could be we are just the ones 
Who love eternally.
I want to know if he finds his eternal love via poetry on Craig’s List… it would certainly restore much of my faith in humanity…


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bible Solicits Me Via Email

I didn’t know this before, but apparently the Bible has it’s own email account. Yep. I guess everyone is being forced to catch up with technology nowadays.

This is exciting enough information, but what is even more exciting is the fact that the Bible emailed ME!!! What?!?! I know!!!! I feel so important now!

Just in case some of you are sitting there in disbelief, don’t worry… I have evidence:

This is crazy!!! I was really honored until I read the title of the email. Then I just thought, “Really, Bible? You are selling yourself online?”

Besides the fact that emailing lots and lots of people probably is not as effective as, say posting your offer on Craig’s List, I am sincerely surprised at your decrease in values since the last time we met.

Just FYI for everyone reading this, I met Bible in church. I definitely did not think our next meeting would be online when Bible was asking me to buy it. I am disappointed and slightly disillusioned with life in general.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adventures of the Ninja Roommate

Last night my roommate went to a party. Oh, if only it were that simple.

I was asleep in my bed feeling sorry for myself and my lack of entertainment when roomie called me and said "I JUST HAD TO RUN THROUGH THE WOODS TO ESCAPE THE POLICE!!!"

Not your everyday roommate conversation.

When roomie finally got back up to the room, she continued to explain that she had been about four feet away from a police officer with a flashlight who was yelling at people to stop running because if they did he would chase them. What did roomie do? Run her ass back to our dorm as fast and as quietly as possible. Many of you may be impressed with roomie's skills to evade police detection, but when you find out that she is a ninja it is slightly less spectacular.

Roomie is an acting major and therefore knows a lot of... interesting people. These people make her life far more interesting than mine (hence the post being about what she did last night instead of what I did). The party last night was for all these people.

Roomie did not get to the party until 2 hours into it. Apparently, the police had already been there once, but like true college revelry, that was not something that was going to stop the partiers. After being confused by gay men hitting on her, a drunk guy puking into a girl's open purse, and people belting the lyrics to telephone into her ear, roomie's attention was brought to the front of the house by a guy standing on a speaker and yelling at all the underage (read: roomie) kids who were drinking to hit the trail... and not just any trail... but the trail through the sketchy woods behind the house.

As roomie went to escape The Man, she rushed out onto the back porch and bumped into a guy who was smoking, hitting her arm on the tip of his cigarette... yes... roomie got a cigarette burn on her arm. Don't worry... she realizes how white trash this moment was. Being the ninja that she is, roomie ignored the pain in her arm and the shouts of apology from the drunk smoker behind her and fled for the woods. This is where she encountered her not-so-ninja-policeman friend. Needless to say, roomie utilized the ninja skills she had and escaped back to our dorm unharmed and without a police record.

I officially welcome roomie into the ranks of college kids who have had to evade police. At least she didn't end up sleeping in the back of a stranger's car. Win, roomie. Win.

*Edit* It's rainy and boring here today, so I am letting you guys chose a topic for my next post!!! Just put the topic in the comments section and I will chose the one that amuses me the most! GO!


Random Sentence Generator: Making Me Distrust My Clothing...

I was on a random sentence generator today (don't ask... I do strange things when bored), and one of the sentences that I got was "In the scarf participates the crime."

I could only sit there and stare, slack-jawed in amazement.

Was the internet trying to tell me something?

I am an avid scarf fan and, as such, I own a good number of scarves. Is it possible that inside one of these soft, wooly pieces of comfort some dastardly deed is being carried out? Some malicious criminal could be destroying the innocent warmth of the poor fabric!

This is not to be tolerated! I stand up in defense of scarves everywhere and I say if someone is perpetrating a crime inside of you, to not just hang there and let it happen! Speak up! We will protect you!!! I love my scarves and I would be willing to fight the most diabolical villain in support of their well-being!

Obviously, my motivations may not be entirely altruistic. If there is a crime being committed inside my scarf, I cannot be sure that the criminals will not hurt me in their attempts to escape with their loot. I am also protecting my own well being and the well being of all scarf wearers out there... be careful of what may be happening inside your scarf.

You may want to use the magical sentence genie to predict possible dangers in your future. It could have saved me today. If you are so inclined... go ahead... check out your future... I dare you.


Friday, September 10, 2010

The Failings of Being Socially Awkward

Alright. I admit it. I'm not the most socially adept person ever. It's true. This breaks down to mean a lot of different things in my life, one of the main ones being that I have trouble accomplishing simple tasks because there seem to be insurmountable obstacles in my way. I am currently in such a predicament.

I am starving.

I cannot get dinner.


Because I'm socially awkward.

Allow me to explain further:
I have this weird problem with going places by myself. Especially places involving food. I don't know why. If I did I could probably fix it. I will only go to such places if I am not alone. This does not seem like a problem to those of you who have countless friends on your phone that you can call up and chat with anytime, but for someone like me it is a little difficult. This may be because every time I pick up my phone and contemplate calling someone, I have an internal debate about whether or not I would be bothering that person. My mind seems intent on convincing me that I imagined the friendship with this person the entire time and said person is really just somewhat of an acquaintance that I managed to bully the phone number out of. After 10 minutes of enduring this psychological melodrama, I usually believe that this person and I never were, and probably never will be, friends. This means that I have no one to go to the dining hall with except for my roommate.

Roommate would be a viable choice if she were not currently asleep. She's been asleep for hours now (in the middle of the day) and I'm afraid to wake her up. Not because I think she would be angry with me and flail and possibly kill herself, me or both, but because I cannot bring myself to wake up anyone who is sleeping. What if the sleeping person is having the best dream of their entire life and they are about to reach the pinnacle of said dream and I rip them out of it right before that can happen? Wouldn't that be the most disappointing thing ever? I would think so. There is also the chance that they are receiving valuable insights from a deceased relative on the other side. I could wake them up right before they find out when and where a rapist will be waiting for them in the near future. Now I just raped someone... well.... in a way. In either case, I would not want to wake someone up from any sort of sleep. Ever.

So here I am in the middle of this predicament. I suppose I could summon the courage to run over the the student center and grab something quickly, stuff it in a bag, and run back to my dorm while trying to keep my head down so people don't notice the stupid girl who is taking food back to her dorm because no one loves her enough to eat with her. See? I'm totally crazy inside. It's a problem.

Well, let's hope I find a way to get some food before I starve out here.



sooo this is basically going to be a post about all the things I am excited about right now, which is several since I am ADD and only got about 3 hours of sleep last night...

number one: teddy bears. I mean really, guys, these are the most awesome invention ever. Or the most horrible. It all depends on how you look at it. They have turned terrifying man-eating monsters into cuddly friends for small children. Do you know what message this ultimately sends to our nation's youth? "Go hug a bear, sweetie, they're nice and friendly and might possibly not eat you like a piece of popcorn!!!" We should be less willing to send tiny little cub scouts into the woods after indoctrinating them into this mindset. While it allows them to show their little hunter-human skills by defying death, this also could quite possibly turn out the opposite way with Johnny dangling from the jaws of a 12 FOOT ANGRY-AS-SHIT BEAR that he thought it would be fun to cuddle with. So I guess what I've decided by the end of this paragraph is that teddy bears are most definitely not awesome and actually quite dangerous, so I'm not sure why I was unclear about that at the beginning...


Number two: the internet. The internet is possibly the best invention on earth ever. The fact that I can write these inane comments and people read them is AMAZING!!! I can also simultaneously laugh at the Craig's list crazies and read my favorite blog posts at the SAME TIME! what?!?! that's CRAZY!!!! I love internet lovers, too. What I mean by that is people who know the internet well enough to browse around and use the different websites to get to know people and they actually make friends that way! It amazes me, because this is the first real attempt I have made at keeping anything on the internet going, aside from my facebook and twitter, so I haven't really made any new friends via the internet, just kept in contact with my old friends (which is really necessary for me as I do not make new real world friends easily... it's a painful process and I would rather chew my own hands off most days...) so you guys who are super internet-literate and have made friends online... you amaze me. Enough said.

Number three: Kool-Aid. Never before have I encountered a drink that tastes like a color. I mean, I drank this stuff as a child, but somehow in the course of growing up, your childhood memories morph, especially with food, and the things you used to love and think were the bee's knees really taste like crap and you want to wash your mouth out with soap after "revisiting your past" in that particular way. Well, I had a momentary lapse in judgement recently and tried Kool-Aid again after many many years of not drinking it, and I was amazed. I imagine it's almost like being on an acid trip in a way. Never have I had this experience, but in those dorky drug videos they make you watch in 6th grade science class, they when people drop acid, they experience a feeling of being able to taste color. Well... maybe they just drank some Kool-Aid. No, seriously. Purple Kool-Aid tastes purple. It is indescribable.

Okay, well since I am currently in school I actually have to be places at a particular time (so lame) and I have a particular place I need to be in about a minute, but I felt I had to get all of that out of my system first, so I'M OFF!!!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Everyone's Ex Crazy?

So my best friend Peter just broke up with his boyfriend Travis, and it's been... well... interesting.

Okay, so here's a little back story: Peter and Travis got together last year (during Peter's freshman year of college) and they were really happy. For the past few months, however, things have been a little off between them. They worked on it, but finally Peter decided that the problem was not going to be fixed, and for the benefit of both people involved in the relationship, it was the best decision to break it off. Pretty much your standard breakup story, yea? Well... this is where it gets interesting.

So the day after they broke up, Peter got a call from Travis asking him if he wanted to hang out. A little weird, if you ask me, since Travis had just been dumped the night before, but I guess that's not for me to judge... and Peter apparently decided the same thing, so he accepted the invitation. So pretty much since then, Travis has been acting like he and Peter are still going out: calling Peter to hang out, inviting him and his friends out at night, etc. Peter called me several times to talk about it and the most I could manage on these occasions was a vague, "uhh... that's kind of weird... but I'm not sure what you should do... maybe throw some water on him? He might melt like that person in that movie?"

Anyways, Travis texted Peter last night to see if he wanted to hang out. Peter had a lot of homework and a few meetings to go to, so he told Travis that it probably wouldn't happen. Well, it turns out that Peter got done with his work a lot quicker than expected, but (being a normal person and remembering that he had just broken up with Travis) accepted an invitation to go see a movie from another friend. Whilst in said movie, Peter received a text from Travis asking if he could drop by Peter's apartment and hang out. Peter told Travis that he was in a movie, and they agreed to meet up afterwards.

So when Peter and Travis finally got together, Travis spent a good amount of time trying to convince Peter that they should get back together.... but abruptly after doing this said "I was going to punch you in the face earlier. I wanted to break your nose." Weird? Yea... I would say kind of weird. Not as weird as him later asking Peter if he would "just hold him."

I'm not sure exactly what was going on there, but these actions combined do not, to me, scream "I am a reliable person who would be able to mentally and emotionally handle a steady social relationship right now, would you like to join me?!" Instead, if I were Peter, I'd be more inclined to steer clear of further contact and avoid wearing bright colors in public for the near future.

I have to say, I am not one who should be giving anyone relationship advice seeing as how I often find myself sitting in the corner at a coffee shop frantically looking around to make sure nobody is staring at me and judging me for being alone in a coffee shop drinking my coffee. I may not be the best judge of intentions... so maybe I should ask people who read this to leave a comment and give their take on the situation: outrageously crazy, or something to be expected?

First Post... YAY!!!

So, I'm going to warn you now, this is not my first go around with this whole blog thinge. Yes, I'll admit it... I'm tarnished goods... I've been around the block as they say... I only hope you can forgive me and learn to love me anyways!

So I hear this post is the one where you're supposed to tell everyone about yourself, but I figure if I did that, then you would probably have no reason to read the rest of the posts I write, so I am punching custom in the face and walking over it's unconscious body and forging my own path.

I guess I can help you out a little, though... We can start with really simple stuff that some of you were probably too lazy to click around and find yourselves (don't worry... that wasn't an insult.. I'm just assuming that some of you are like me that way). My name is Kaiti and I live an entirely uninteresting life going to college in North Carolina. I do have some fun stories for you, though. I promise!

I decided to start my own blog because I enjoy reading other people's blogs. Especially funny people that make me pee myself I laugh so hard. I probably shouldn't have said that because I'm now realizing that I've probably just built a lot of people up for a blog that might just be pee-inducingly funny, and I'm not sure I can deliver such delight to you. Sorry, just being honest! I don't want to seem all hot-shot smarty-pants I-think-I'm-really-hilarious-but-I'm-probably-actually-a-lame-douche... so... just don't get your hopes up! Or do... but prepare to maybe possibly be disappointed.

Okay, so I've only managed to tell you a few things so far... let's try for one more... I love shiny things... and I don't mean shiny like bling bling or anything, but brand new things. Like my shiny new blog for instance!!! You may be wondering why I bring this up, but I just want to warn you of my obsession before it just jumps out from behind a corner and accosts you with it's overwhelming strength. It would have before long. I can promise you. I have the uncanny ability to rant and rave for hours on end about something I saw in a shop window that I have never tried before but I am sure must be the most exciting thing to ever enter my life... and if I do end up getting said shiny new object, then I will continue to support it's awesomeness even if evidence crops up that hints at the possibility it might not be as mind-blowingly fantastic as I once thought. It doesn't matter. I will love it anyways. This is mainly a warning so if I have opinions about a product that I write about that popular opinion hates, and I seem to love against all facts and logic, you know why. It's because I am crazy and obsessive. No big deal.

Alright, so I figure I've overloaded you with enough information and scared off the weak-hearted. For the rest of you who survived... YOU ARE THE NEXT LEADERS OF THE WORLD! Or maybe a few people that are weird enough to enjoy my ramblings about the strange things I notice in my life. Thanks for reading!