Thursday, October 7, 2010

Total Life Fail

Okay, so can I just say that my life has been the most epic failure lately? Truly it has.

Okay, so quick update on my life: school is crazy busy and to add to that wonderful fact, my roommate and I finally hooked up our TV.


So most normal people will sit at the television during their free time or to watch their favorite shows because that's entertaining. I understand this, I really do... it just doesn't seem to work the same way for me. I watch all of my favorite shows on Hulu instead of on TV for some reason which means that my TV serves essentially no function other than to play movies.... or so you would think. The actual function my TV serves is to provide me a near constant connection to TLC, MTV, E! and Food Network. There are absolutely no worthwhile shows on any of these networks, but they are great time fillers. Last night, TLC played the same two episodes of LA Ink twice in a row. I watched both of them both times... and just to clarify, I don't mean I kind of listened to them in the background as I did other things, I literally payed close attention the entire time. It was kind of a sad moment. I did this instead of working on a project that is worth 20% of my grade in one of my classes. Sad day.

The good news? I have a break next weekend and will therefore (hopefully) be able to decompress a little bit and actually gather some interesting experiences to write about for you guys. I have to apologize for being a total douche and not writing in like... forever... but I promise that will change!!!!

Here are some topics that I have been collecting for posts (this also will serve as a reminders list so I don't forget what I was going to write about):
-ESL email I got from someone
-My physics professor (get excited for this one... soooo weird)
-19 and counting (I bet you already know what I'm going to say here)
-Harry Potter (no.... seriously)

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