Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back from the dead

Okay, so I know I have been majorly MIA for a long time and I apologize! There's been a TON of stuff going on, including a 4 week tour around Europe.... let's just say the past few weeks have been craycray. I am so thankful to everyone who continues to check up on the blog, you guys are way more awesome than I am!!!

Anyways!!! On to the topic of today's post: YOUTUBE!!! This website has basically been the destroyer of all my free time lately. From hilarious people dancing their way to shameville, USA along to Brittany Spears all the way to awesome makeup tutorials, this place is so entertaining!!!

Just a thought for those of you who are shocked reading this: no, this is not the first time I've found out about Youtube (maybe YouTube?? I don't know the official spelling... I'm just going to say Youtube because it means that I have to hit the shift key less often... LAZY FINGERS), it has just been taking up an obscenely large amount of my time lately and thus I felt the need to rant about it a little.

SO. The latest thing that I've been obsessed with on Youtube is room tours. Some people just have sick rooms. I am so jealous. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but living in a college dorm room has somewhat dulled my sense of style in terms of decorating living spaces. Also, I'm sure people clean their rooms for these videos, but a part of me just can't come to terms with that and believes that some people actually live with their rooms spotless and organized ALL THE TIME which makes me feel self conscious about my own messy room, and I immediately want to buy every single organizing bin ever made at Target, but then I remember I have no money to buy these things with, and I sit and feel bad about my inability to organize my room and make it pretty.

Also addicting on Youtube: there is this person who makes these videos (I know... I'm using all my descriptive powers here) that are trailers for movies and video games, but he changes/adds lyrics to the background music that literally describe everything that's happening in the trailer and it's HILARIOUS!!!! I am in love with those videos. I may or may not be posting one at the end of this entry. You've been warned.

Also, I like StumbleUpon. New subject, hope you were ready for that. StumbleUpon recently led me to a site that was nothing but adorable pictures of PUPPIES!!!! It was one of the most meaningful moments of my life when that web page came up. Truly. Okay, maybe not, but it was up among the most adorable moments of my life. This choice has made StumbleUpon the Superman of websites in my eyes. Like, it websites could fight evil and wear awesome clothing, StumbleUpon would. End of story.

You're welcome. That is all.

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