Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adventures of the Ninja Roommate

Last night my roommate went to a party. Oh, if only it were that simple.

I was asleep in my bed feeling sorry for myself and my lack of entertainment when roomie called me and said "I JUST HAD TO RUN THROUGH THE WOODS TO ESCAPE THE POLICE!!!"

Not your everyday roommate conversation.

When roomie finally got back up to the room, she continued to explain that she had been about four feet away from a police officer with a flashlight who was yelling at people to stop running because if they did he would chase them. What did roomie do? Run her ass back to our dorm as fast and as quietly as possible. Many of you may be impressed with roomie's skills to evade police detection, but when you find out that she is a ninja it is slightly less spectacular.

Roomie is an acting major and therefore knows a lot of... interesting people. These people make her life far more interesting than mine (hence the post being about what she did last night instead of what I did). The party last night was for all these people.

Roomie did not get to the party until 2 hours into it. Apparently, the police had already been there once, but like true college revelry, that was not something that was going to stop the partiers. After being confused by gay men hitting on her, a drunk guy puking into a girl's open purse, and people belting the lyrics to telephone into her ear, roomie's attention was brought to the front of the house by a guy standing on a speaker and yelling at all the underage (read: roomie) kids who were drinking to hit the trail... and not just any trail... but the trail through the sketchy woods behind the house.

As roomie went to escape The Man, she rushed out onto the back porch and bumped into a guy who was smoking, hitting her arm on the tip of his cigarette... yes... roomie got a cigarette burn on her arm. Don't worry... she realizes how white trash this moment was. Being the ninja that she is, roomie ignored the pain in her arm and the shouts of apology from the drunk smoker behind her and fled for the woods. This is where she encountered her not-so-ninja-policeman friend. Needless to say, roomie utilized the ninja skills she had and escaped back to our dorm unharmed and without a police record.

I officially welcome roomie into the ranks of college kids who have had to evade police. At least she didn't end up sleeping in the back of a stranger's car. Win, roomie. Win.

*Edit* It's rainy and boring here today, so I am letting you guys chose a topic for my next post!!! Just put the topic in the comments section and I will chose the one that amuses me the most! GO!


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