Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Post... YAY!!!

So, I'm going to warn you now, this is not my first go around with this whole blog thinge. Yes, I'll admit it... I'm tarnished goods... I've been around the block as they say... I only hope you can forgive me and learn to love me anyways!

So I hear this post is the one where you're supposed to tell everyone about yourself, but I figure if I did that, then you would probably have no reason to read the rest of the posts I write, so I am punching custom in the face and walking over it's unconscious body and forging my own path.

I guess I can help you out a little, though... We can start with really simple stuff that some of you were probably too lazy to click around and find yourselves (don't worry... that wasn't an insult.. I'm just assuming that some of you are like me that way). My name is Kaiti and I live an entirely uninteresting life going to college in North Carolina. I do have some fun stories for you, though. I promise!

I decided to start my own blog because I enjoy reading other people's blogs. Especially funny people that make me pee myself I laugh so hard. I probably shouldn't have said that because I'm now realizing that I've probably just built a lot of people up for a blog that might just be pee-inducingly funny, and I'm not sure I can deliver such delight to you. Sorry, just being honest! I don't want to seem all hot-shot smarty-pants I-think-I'm-really-hilarious-but-I'm-probably-actually-a-lame-douche... so... just don't get your hopes up! Or do... but prepare to maybe possibly be disappointed.

Okay, so I've only managed to tell you a few things so far... let's try for one more... I love shiny things... and I don't mean shiny like bling bling or anything, but brand new things. Like my shiny new blog for instance!!! You may be wondering why I bring this up, but I just want to warn you of my obsession before it just jumps out from behind a corner and accosts you with it's overwhelming strength. It would have before long. I can promise you. I have the uncanny ability to rant and rave for hours on end about something I saw in a shop window that I have never tried before but I am sure must be the most exciting thing to ever enter my life... and if I do end up getting said shiny new object, then I will continue to support it's awesomeness even if evidence crops up that hints at the possibility it might not be as mind-blowingly fantastic as I once thought. It doesn't matter. I will love it anyways. This is mainly a warning so if I have opinions about a product that I write about that popular opinion hates, and I seem to love against all facts and logic, you know why. It's because I am crazy and obsessive. No big deal.

Alright, so I figure I've overloaded you with enough information and scared off the weak-hearted. For the rest of you who survived... YOU ARE THE NEXT LEADERS OF THE WORLD! Or maybe a few people that are weird enough to enjoy my ramblings about the strange things I notice in my life. Thanks for reading!


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