Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Sentence Generator: Making Me Distrust My Clothing...

I was on a random sentence generator today (don't ask... I do strange things when bored), and one of the sentences that I got was "In the scarf participates the crime."

I could only sit there and stare, slack-jawed in amazement.

Was the internet trying to tell me something?

I am an avid scarf fan and, as such, I own a good number of scarves. Is it possible that inside one of these soft, wooly pieces of comfort some dastardly deed is being carried out? Some malicious criminal could be destroying the innocent warmth of the poor fabric!

This is not to be tolerated! I stand up in defense of scarves everywhere and I say if someone is perpetrating a crime inside of you, to not just hang there and let it happen! Speak up! We will protect you!!! I love my scarves and I would be willing to fight the most diabolical villain in support of their well-being!

Obviously, my motivations may not be entirely altruistic. If there is a crime being committed inside my scarf, I cannot be sure that the criminals will not hurt me in their attempts to escape with their loot. I am also protecting my own well being and the well being of all scarf wearers out there... be careful of what may be happening inside your scarf.

You may want to use the magical sentence genie to predict possible dangers in your future. It could have saved me today. If you are so inclined... go ahead... check out your future... I dare you.


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