Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sucked into the Black Hole of Hulu

I know that I haven't posted in a few days, but I have a good reason... I promise!

Okay, so it might not be a good reason, but it's a reason nonetheless....

I got sucked into the big black hole known as Hulu. It is an evil website that is trying to steal my soul... and the sad part is it's fun!!! How can anything that is so successful at ruining my abilities to be productive be fun??? It's just craziness!

*Edit: I was just reading through the final version and I realized that I have fun doing almost anything that ruins my ability to be productive... I mean, except stuff like being chased by monsters and battling lions and stuff... although battling lions would be pretty cool I guess...

The show that I've most recently become addicted to is called "If I Can Dream." If any one of you has seen this show, then you will understand-- it's impossible not to be sucked in by it!

I'm not going to explain the premise of the show because that would take up entirely too much of this post, and I'm sure an explanation is easy to come by, so let's just skip over that and talk more about how sad I am because I give up my life to websites like this.

I go through phases like this pretty regularly. I'll become fixated on a show and watch it whenever I have free time. I am emotionally invested in these shows (which is probably unhealthy considering a lot of them are competition shows and it ruins my day when my favorite person gets voted off...) and I would rather watch them than be social. It's a problem.

I understand that I'm not a very social person anyways, but I feel like I'm sinking into the realm of WOW obsessed people. That scares me. I don't want to start wearing coke-bottle glasses and t-shirts with magical creatures on them!!!! Once I start wearing socks with my sandals I'll know I'm doomed....

Hulu is not the only thing I've become addicted to lately... there's this game called Isoball 2 that is the most addicting thing I've ever played. To be fair, I've never been one for video games, but this one is so good! Note: I am a complete nerd, so don't be surprised if you think it's the most lame thing that you've ever played. Just because I can be entertained by it for hours does not mean that I expect everyone else to feel the same way. Actually, that probably means that most people won't feel the same way... don't worry, I'll understand.

My addictions come out of nowhere and surprise even me. I guess in a way it keeps my life interesting? Okay, now it just sounds like I'm trying to make excuses for my life... which I guess is pretty accurate.

I'm just going to insert a note saying how awkward I find it to end a post. I never know what to say.... hmmm.... if anyone can tell me the origin of this quote you will be my new favorite person... but you have to email it to me, because we don't want everyone piggybacking off your answer and pretending like they actually knew it when they didn't... so email me at if you know the answer!!!

What is this quote from? "your favorite way to say red wine in a german accent? RED VINES!"

If you get it right, you are officially my new best friend.


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