Friday, September 10, 2010


sooo this is basically going to be a post about all the things I am excited about right now, which is several since I am ADD and only got about 3 hours of sleep last night...

number one: teddy bears. I mean really, guys, these are the most awesome invention ever. Or the most horrible. It all depends on how you look at it. They have turned terrifying man-eating monsters into cuddly friends for small children. Do you know what message this ultimately sends to our nation's youth? "Go hug a bear, sweetie, they're nice and friendly and might possibly not eat you like a piece of popcorn!!!" We should be less willing to send tiny little cub scouts into the woods after indoctrinating them into this mindset. While it allows them to show their little hunter-human skills by defying death, this also could quite possibly turn out the opposite way with Johnny dangling from the jaws of a 12 FOOT ANGRY-AS-SHIT BEAR that he thought it would be fun to cuddle with. So I guess what I've decided by the end of this paragraph is that teddy bears are most definitely not awesome and actually quite dangerous, so I'm not sure why I was unclear about that at the beginning...


Number two: the internet. The internet is possibly the best invention on earth ever. The fact that I can write these inane comments and people read them is AMAZING!!! I can also simultaneously laugh at the Craig's list crazies and read my favorite blog posts at the SAME TIME! what?!?! that's CRAZY!!!! I love internet lovers, too. What I mean by that is people who know the internet well enough to browse around and use the different websites to get to know people and they actually make friends that way! It amazes me, because this is the first real attempt I have made at keeping anything on the internet going, aside from my facebook and twitter, so I haven't really made any new friends via the internet, just kept in contact with my old friends (which is really necessary for me as I do not make new real world friends easily... it's a painful process and I would rather chew my own hands off most days...) so you guys who are super internet-literate and have made friends online... you amaze me. Enough said.

Number three: Kool-Aid. Never before have I encountered a drink that tastes like a color. I mean, I drank this stuff as a child, but somehow in the course of growing up, your childhood memories morph, especially with food, and the things you used to love and think were the bee's knees really taste like crap and you want to wash your mouth out with soap after "revisiting your past" in that particular way. Well, I had a momentary lapse in judgement recently and tried Kool-Aid again after many many years of not drinking it, and I was amazed. I imagine it's almost like being on an acid trip in a way. Never have I had this experience, but in those dorky drug videos they make you watch in 6th grade science class, they when people drop acid, they experience a feeling of being able to taste color. Well... maybe they just drank some Kool-Aid. No, seriously. Purple Kool-Aid tastes purple. It is indescribable.

Okay, well since I am currently in school I actually have to be places at a particular time (so lame) and I have a particular place I need to be in about a minute, but I felt I had to get all of that out of my system first, so I'M OFF!!!


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